24 Hours in New Orleans: Feeling the Rhythm of the City

Are you waking up to the sound of a trumpet? Are the streets already busy? That means that it’s time to jump up and get your day going in good ol’ New Orleans! We have an amazing list of places to check out. Some of them may be a trek, but there will never be anything else like it, we promise.

Let us start the morning off with some delicious food! Don’t you worry, there will be more delicious food throughout the day.


The Camellia Grill

Why not start out your day with a wonderful diner and all of the comfort food you could ask for? Recommended by our amazing Lokafyer, Samos, he says it’s the best around and you HAVE to go for a good New Orleans breakfast.

While it is a small place, you can still expect amazing service and even better food, especially if you like it a little fatty. With the charm of a diner, you still won’t get better breakfast closer to a 5 star meal.

Couturie Forest

After you have jumped onto the streetcar and done a little bit of viewing on the ride, you will come across the gorgeous City Park, that has this gem of greenery. Hidden here is the swampy paradise that comes with New Orleans and is a wonderful escape from the city. Just something more slow to begin a jam packed day of culture!


St. Louis Cemetery No.2

Time to get a little spooky! (And yes there is more than 1 St. Louis Cemetery, there are actually 3 of them!) Buried here is the famous Marie Laveau, a woman well known for her participation in Creole Voodoo back in the 1800’s. Not only does it house this iconic woman, but it also has the most amazing above ground tombs you can find.

While eerie and a bit gloomy, the stories that lie with these people embody the culture that began New Orleans, so it just makes sense that this is a must-see spot on your trip.

Parkway Tavern and Bakery

Famous for their po’ boys (Poor boys), this bakery will have you salivating right when you first step in. This classic spot in Parkway has been around for more than 100 years and has the most loyal customers, that come back every time they crave a bite to eat.

The po’ boy sandwich is famous for its representation of New Orleans and the working class that it helped create it. These sandwiches first came to life when the railway workers were on strike in 1929 and the protestors had no money to buy food. This stand was created by Bennie and Clovis Martin and it served these sandwiches free of charge to the protestors. Ever since then, these jam packed sandwiches have been a staple in the city.


House of Dance and Feathers Museum 

At this amazing museum, you can engage with the culture of Mardi Gras Peoples that lived on the land with their tribes. With the gorgeous beads and paintings, you will be able to indulge in the classic and authentic art and colour that these people brought to New Orleans. The owner, Ronald K. Lewis, is always ready to talk about the stories he knows and give an answer to any question. Learn and explore in this amazing, small museum.


Just a short distance away is a wine and spirits restaurant. While it is small and quaint, this restaurant has a beautiful back patio that is open to lush plants and great seating. This is an awesome place to go to finish off the day and just enjoy the night. With live jazz music everyday of the week, it brings a relaxing and classy end to your day in New Orleans.

I would like to thank one of our amazing Lokafyers in New Orleans, Samos, for helping with this article and helping to make it as authentic we could! We here at Lokafy hope that you had the most amazing day in New Orleans and go back again soon!!