Get Your Dog On in Paris

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Respirez, inspirezzzzz

If you are like me, you love yoga. You love practicing and receiving those juicy, inspiring, and calming benefits of the practice. At the end of every session, you feel radiant, vibrant, and ready to face the day! Well, if you are also like me, you want to get your yoga time in whenever you travel. You are the one stretching and “ohm-ing” in the back of the plane during a long flight, and you take a minute (or ten) during a long day at work to do some poses in your desk chair. Or finding an empty room to get in a couple downward dogs. Even on mass transit you are focusing on your breath or making sure you’re grounded into the earth to do a secret mountain pose.

We all know that when traveling, it is hard to make time to roll out a mat, hop on, and receive those benefits you crave. A small hotel room does not suffice, and you may prefer a class setting for motivation and improvement. So, imagine, after a long journey to your destination of Paris, you can actually go to a studio and practice yoga!!  Not only practice with others, but locals. Even with the choice of English, or branching out and learning some yoga terms in French!

The classes are at various times so you can find what fits your schedule!  No French ID is required, and you can pay via credit card or cash (depending on the studio). Every class is not only an opportunity to have a refreshing practice to gear you up for a day of sightseeing, but also gives you a chance to talk with locals.  This is a chance to get a glimpse into everyday life for them and even ask a question or two.


Affordable Yoga (Location varies)

In English


Bikram Yoga Rive Gauche (Raspail ligne 4)

In French & English


Ashtanga Yoga Paris

In French & English

Yogatime (Etoile and Boulogne)

In French


If you would like to check out more studio options, a great website is: So, get out there and discover Paris, experiencing your yoga practice as a local!