Getting to Porto from Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport

You have just landed at Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport. It is modern and well-organized, but you probably cannot notice that at the moment. The only thing on your mind is how to get to the city, unpack your luggage and get some sleep. Well, we’ve got you covered! One of the most highly rated features of Porto Airport is its considerate transport links, which allow getting to the city centre in less than half an hour.




For travellers looking for comfortable, frequent and cheap service, the metro is highly recommended. The purple (E) line connects the airport and the city centre. The station is located within short walk distance from the terminal, and you will find multiples signs in the Arrivals hall that will lead you to it. The trains depart every 20 minutes from 6:00 to 01:00, getting you to your destination in 25 minutes. The subway system covers almost the entire city, and the trains are clean, fast, efficient. There are ticket offices at the airport; the journey will cost you approximately €1.80 (plus €0.50 for a re-usable Andante card). The Andante card is a pay-as-you-go method that allows travellers to enter the subway by simply tapping it. You can purchase the card at the ticket machines ( Zone 4 in the Airport), or get it at the Tourist Office in the arrivals area. In both cases, you can pay by cash, credit or debit.


Another way to get to the city centre is the bus. The transit system in Porto is very efficient, but you want to avoid it during the rush hour: getting stuck in the traffic is very frustrating. A bus is an excellent option for those whose accommodations are located along the route.
There are city’s SCTP buses that depart every 30 minutes from 5:30- 00:30. The ticket Z4 will cost you € 2,00 (don’t forget to get the Andante card which is another € 0,60). There is also a wide range of independent shuttle buses that drop-off and pick-up the passengers at every stop on the route. They are clean and comfortable, but prices are higher than the ones for the local buses. You can find the current timetable at the tourist information office, located in the arrivals terminal.

Bus route №601: Cordoaria — Airport
Bus route № 602: Cordoaria — Airport — via Padrão de Moreira
Bus Route №604: S. João Hospital — Airport — via Crestins
Bus Route № 120: Guifões — Airport.
Night Bus 3M: Aeroporto — Avenida dos Aliados, on which you can get to the city centre if you arrive after midnight. These buses depart every hour from 00:30 to 05:30.


If you are in a rush and/or with heavy luggage, you can always grab a taxi: the most comfortable way to get to Porto city centre. There are multiple taxi companies located in the arrivals terminal and a taxi carpark just outside the main exit. You can expect to pay around €20-30 (cheaper during the day and more expensive at night), make sure to agree on a price with the driver beforehand. Many drivers speak English; it is also a good idea to write down the destination in Portuguese to avoid any confusion.


The quickest and cheapest way to get to the city centre is the subway. If your hotel/B&B is located along the bus route, then you should definitely get on a bus.

Enjoy Porto and Port!