Getting to Venice from Venice Marco Polo Airport



A world of water, a place to dream, Venice is the home of islands. More then 100 small islands come together to create this magical Italian city. So, you must wonder, how do I get there if it is all water? This guide of getting from the airport to the city will explain just how! The primary airport with international connections is the Venice Marco Polo Airport on the mainland. The water is used for their main routes of transportation in the City of Venice, but they also do have some wheeled vehicles.

Water bus

There are two different water buses that you have the option of taking, Alilaguna and ACTV. They are both public but managed by different companies. Alilaguna offers discounted prices online if you want to purchase them ahead of time and save a few euros!



One way – €14 (with online discount)

Return – €25 (with online discount)


There are three routes for the waterbuses: Linea Blu (blue), Linea Rossa (red), and Linea Arancio (orange)

The BLUE line connects the Airport stop to the Cruise Terminal.

The RED line connects the Airport stop to the Cruise Terminal as well but goes through Murano and San Marco. The difference with the RED line to the BLUE is that the RED is only seasonal and only operates from April to November.

The ORANGE line connects the Airport stop to Santa Marie Del Giglio, while going through Rialto.

This is one of the easiest methods to travel by since it is so direct to where you need to go and doesn’t have many stops.


75 minutes – €7.50

24 hours – €20

48 hours – €30

72 hours – €40

7 days – €60

ACTV allows you to use the same pass for different amounts of time, depending on what you plan on doing and if the water bus is something you plan on using during your stay. You can save money by buying these passes on the first day so you don’t have to buy another one again!

There are two consistent routes from the airport, the 10 and 14 routes. This public transit system has over 20 routes of buses and waterbuses available for anyone to use. There is an online map that displays every route that is possible to take. This will take you all over the city, to every major landmark you need to visit while you are there! The reason why some people don’t take this method is due to the restriction of luggage you can bring on and the heavy use of the method from the public.


The airport does have shuttle boats that go from the airport to major places around the city. They also have online tickets available to buy before hand with a discount!

The stops include: Piazzale Roma, Fond.ta dei Sabbioni, Guglie, Fondamenta Nuove, Santi Apostoli, Rialto, Sant’Angelo, Cà Rezzonico, S.Vio, Trinità, S.Marco, S.Zaccaria, Giardini, Sant’Elena, Giudecca , Lido S. Maria Elisabetta.

One way – €25 (with online discount)

People take this method when they are in a larger group and want to be more comfortable when traveling, so they aren’t inconvenienced by the crowded public methods.

Land Bus

There are two different companies that run the wheeled buses in the city, ACTV and ATVO. ACTV is the public transit system that also has a line of waterbuses. ATVO is a private company of buses that has a bus that goes directly from the Venice Marco Polo Airport to the center of Venice.



75 min one way- €8

75 min both ways (return) – €15

90 min boat and bus – €14

There are three different tickets available from and to the airport and like shown above, one is available to combine the two ways to get to Venice, the boat and then the land bus when arriving on land, and this ticket includes one piece of luggage. There are many different tickets you can buy and all of the fares are visible online.


One way – €8

Return – €15

These tickets are express tickets to go straight to the heart of Venice from the airport and they include one piece of luggage. ATVO also offers discounts when there are multiple tickets purchased at the same time, for example if you buy 2 to 9 return tickets the price goes down two euro each so they would be €13. They have all the routes and you are able to buy any ticket online.


The quickest and most comfortable method is VeniceShuttle. The cheapest method is the ACTV Water bus.

Hope this helps with your travels from the airport to the city! Have a great trip and enjoy the water!