Lokafyer Profile: Filipe

Hi Filipe! Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I do many things in my life. I am a math teacher, entrepreneur, farmer, and a bookkeeper. I was born in Porto and lived there until the age of 24. Nowadays I live in a smaller town, Guimarães, but work in Porto. I love reading, love hiking and music. I cannot live without travelling. We have a scattered family, and every year we get together somewhere.

Why did you decide to join Lokafy? 

My wife found out about Lokafy and asked me if I want to join. I think it’s a great opportunity to meet different people and see the world through different eyes, create the memories and share experiences. It is all about the people and places. I want to show Porto the way I see it, so travellers can fall in love with my city.


What do you love the most about your city?
 I love that Porto is unique in the way it is, but most importantly, it is about my relationship with this city, finding out the intricate stories of how things got to be the way they are. I’m fascinated by the underground water conducts that were built over centuries and streams that were covered by the city. The city hall is located right in front of a church, cutting the church’s view, because a long time ago there was an argument between the mayor and that religious order and he decided to build the city hall there as an act of revenge. It is such an iconic place now.
The Porto Cathedral is one of the city’s oldest monuments, located in the historical centre of the city of Porto. It was built over what was then the town almost as a symbol of power.
What is your most memorable experience with Lokafy?
I toured a French couple once and showed them a garden that we have in Porto, called Jardim de Joao Chagas, where the trees have a peculiar shape. All my life I had heard that the weird form was due to an illness that these trees had. Later they healed but had gotten the funny shape. The French lady was a specialist about trees illness, and as we talked about that, I realized I didn’t know what the disease was. I said to her: “I’ll look it up and send you the name afterwards.” After I looked it up, it turned out that no one knows for sure the trees have that shape and there are many different theories. I emailed her that information, and we had an interesting conversation. She helped me to find out something unexpected about the beautiful garden in my hometown.
If someone comes to visit you, where would you take them to eat? 
Matosinhos is a municipality in the northern Porto district, technically it is not Porto, but it is a part of the metropolitan area. I would take them to the small fish restaurant by the sea in Matosinhos. There’s an area where all the fishermen bring the fish and sell it in auctions. In that area, there are all sorts of fish restaurants.
What do you do for fun?
I love cooking! Monkfish with rice is one of my favourites to do at home. There is a saying that the monkfish can be prepared 365 different ways, so it never gets boring.