Lokafyer Profile: Sara

Tell us a little bit bout yourself:

Im 28 years old, of Berber origin. I’m a technician specializing in network and computer systems. I was born in Marrakech but grew up in many areas of Morocco because of my daddy’s work and they gave me the opportunity to recognize the traditions/cultures of my country. I have lived in Marrakech since 2002.

Why did you decide to join Lokafy? 

I do not remember how I became a Lokafyer, but I’m very proud to be part of this group.
Walking in the narrow streets of the Red City was my passion and I get the chance to share it with other people from all over the world. I get to help them navigate, show them the secret corners, how we live…and the most important, make new friendships 😃 So why not !🙏


What do you love the most about your city?

What I like about my city, first, is the accent of Marrakechi people, and how they are very generous.

Secondly, the famous square, by day or by night. In morning, it’s a yard with wandering salesman, snake charmers, musicians… At night it turns into an open air restaurant, where you can taste Moroccan food as you listen to traditional music, DEKKA Marrakchiya 👏👏.

What I love most is sunsets from rooftop which exists in the square Jamaa lfna ☀️.


If someone comes to visit you, where would you take them to eat? 

A local place called TIZNIT Restaurant. They serve the real, traditional Moroccan food, well cooked, delicious, excellent…with reasonable prices. Rooftop in the heart of old Medina, overlooking the square with menth Thé ☕️ ;what else