Travel Story: Yana

It happened to me in while I was travelling alone in Nice, France. Couchsurfing is not the most reliable tool to find an accommodation for the night, but when your budget is limited, it sometimes can be the only one.

So when I came to Nice, my host cancelled the very last minute. I met some travellers from Croatia, and we spent the night on the beach having some good wine and engaging conversation. As the morning came, everybody eventually left, and I felt exhausted because my phone died, and so did the power bank.


At that time some older people came to the beach. Ten minutes after I found myself talking to Mark: retired American business-owner with three kids, living in Nice. He offered me a cup of coffee and then suggested that I sleep at his house for a couple of hours: just enough time to reenergize and charge my devices.

Mark turned out to be a very kind and compassionate person, who called me a few times after, asking if I am doing alright. He told me I can always count on him. It was what I needed at that time: unconditional support, pure magic. I am careful when it comes to communication with strangers, but sometimes only intuition can tell you the most rational decision.