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Volcanoes are one of the many strange things about our planet that we all know exist, but you sure don’t want to mess with them. Every so often you’ll hear in the news that a Volcano has erupted and the effects are catastrophic but for many North Americans, Volcanoes seem like a distant threat. Typically you hear reports of these explosions happening in countries that surround the ring of fire, which is a huge area of the Pacific Ocean where tectonic plates collide. Indonesia is an example of one of these countries, which is why they have an incredible amount of deadly volcano eruptions.


What might surprise you is that the United States has a total of 173 Volcanoes, which makes it the country with the most amount of Volcanoes in the world. A large majority of the volcanoes that are located in the United States are in states that surround the ring of fire like Hawaii and Alaska. Fortunately, many of the American volcanoes haven’t exploded yet or are inactive, which is why you don’t hear much about them. One of the most interesting volcanoes in the United States is the Pu’u ‘Ō’ō vent in Hawaii that’s been oozing lava practically every day since January 3, 1983. Next time you plan a trip to the United States, including a trip to see a volcano may not be as far as you imagined it to be!

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